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Marine Technology Inc Pleasure Series Boats

The 2013 MTI Pleasure Series redefines the term “Super Boat”. Built to be driven with an intense passion, all the MTI Pleasure Series tend to your desire for high performance and comfort with luxury appointments and features not found elsewhere.

Our comprehensive design criteria and high standards for quality have the Pleasure Series setting a new benchmark for performance and craftsmanship.

 36 pleasure series boats MTI Boats marine technology

36 Model
The brand new 2013 MTI 36 Pleasure/Race Series is changing all the rules with legendary MTI performance, quality, and style in a mid-size platform. With the 36 Pleasure/Race Series race proven hull design, superior construction, and aggressive styling you just won’t find a faster, better handling, or more efficient boat amongst the competition. With available seating for six and an optional day cabin, you and your guests will cruise or Poker Run all day in stylish comfort. As with our other models, precision fit and finish, meticulous rigging, and only the highest standards of quality are evident throughout. The 36 Pleasure Series was created for not only the Desert Run Poker runners on the West Coast, but the enthusiast who is looking for incredible performance and exceptional handling in a more versatile sized boat. The twin 700hp power combination is the most common power package for the new 36’ series.

Length Over All (LOA): 36' – 0” • Beam: 10' – 6” • Fuel Capacity: 150 Gallons

 40 pleasure series boats MTI Boats marine technology

40 Model
The 40’ Pleasure/Race Series, available in a 4 or 6 seat combination boasts a much anticipated offering that strikes a winning balance between our ever-popular 39 series hull and our stylish 6-person cockpit and deck. The 40' Series offers the same race-proven surface design as our 39 Pleasure/Race Series and our championship winning 39 Super Cat Light Race Series boats with a wrap around windshield and custom bolstered seating. The MTI 40’, which runs in the high 120’s miles per hour has all of the outstanding features that have made us a vanguard in the marine industry with meticulous rigging, unsurpassed quality, and craftsmanship throughout.

Length Over All (LOA): 39' – 8” • Beam: 10' – 6” • Fuel Capacity: 270 Gallons

 42 pleasure series boats MTI Boats marine technology

42 Model
Performance and refinement combined. The MTI 42 Series is a perfect example of a tamed beast. With the 42 Pleasure Series, we start with the extraordinary and go from there with performance unsurpassed, while still offering a richly detailed cabin as an option featuring sit down bolsters and a cockpit capacity of up to eight people. An entertainment center and bathroom with sink and vanity are among many of the practical amenities offered. For the ultimate poker run experience, the 42 Pleasure/Race models feature a refined race bred cockpit with a wrap-around windshield and bucket seating for 4, 5, or 6 people.

Length Over All (LOA): 41' – 8” • Beam: 10' – 6” • Fuel Capacity: 270 Gallons

 44 pleasure series boats MTI Boats marine technology

44 Model
The 44’ MTI was designed specifically for the ultimate competitor who’s looking for a boat with surface drives, a single rudder, and an aerodynamically designed deck. The success with the new design has earned the 44’ an impressive list of championships and race wins. The 44’ Pleasure/Race Series features an exclusive race-inspired cockpit with either 4, 5, or 6 enveloping bucket seats and a wrap-around windshield, while the Poker Run models offer two stand-up front, and 4 sit-down rear bolsters in addition to a spacious, well appointed cabin that boasts a king size bed, private head with a changing room, suspended lounge seats and an entertainment center. Here’s a case of the more you look the more you see. The world class rigging leaves no detail out and redefines perfection.

Length Over All (LOA): 43' – 8” Stern Drive, 44' – 1? Surface Drive • Beam: 10' – 6” • Fuel Capacity: 270 Gallons

 48 pleasure series boats MTI Boats marine technology

48 Model
The new 48’ MTI is designed for an even better ride at high speeds while performing like the shorter MTI’s in the pleasure series. The recommended power package is twin 1075’s or higher horsepower with surface, #. 8 or #. 6 drives. The longer length and width provides a smoother ride in both calm and challenging offshore waters. Each boat is vacuumed bagged, epoxy composite laminations post cured procedure and after they are assembled all special features can be chosen before the delivery. This manufacturing and curing process produces a lighter, stronger and faster manufactured high performance boat. The new 48’ MTI, with a new power package delivers a boat that cruises more efficiently.

Length Over All (LOA): 48’ • Beam: 10' – 6” • Fuel Capacity: 270 Gallons

 55 pleasure series boats MTI Boats marine technology

55 Model
The 55 Pleasure/Race Series models feature a spacious cockpit with sit-down bolstered seating for 6 and an enveloping, wrap-around windshield for a look and function that’s distinctly MTI. Step inside the custom cabin and discover comfortable seating, a private berth, and a thoughtfully designed bathroom with changing room. But you can be assured that this cat’s first priority is performance with the same ultra high quality construction and engineering advantages that have made us multi-time world and national champions on racecourses worldwide. An impressive host of power options are available too, from low maintenance, powerful diesel packages to high horsepower offerings from Mercury Racing, and custom packages as well.

Length Over All (LOA): 55' – 2” Stern Drive • Beam: 11' – 11” • Fuel Capacity: 360 Gallons

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