Mercury Racing 1200 SCi Marine Engine

A second onboard Propulsion Control Module (PCM) microprocessor enhances the versatility of the popular 1200 SCi –allowing owners to switch from the required 112 AKI race fuel at 1200 h.p. to the second PCM which enables the engine to run on 89 posted pump octane (R + M)/2, or (95 RON) Global rated fuel at 1025 h.p. Mercury Racing created the DualFuel 1200 SCi in response to the limited availability of fuels with the higher octane ratings at marinas and on-water facilities around the world.

The engine shares all of the mild mannered running qualities as its 850 SCi and 1075 SCi siblings. It is docile around docks but ferocious once unleashed. The 1200 SCi features a pair of Lysholm twin screw super chargers with multiport fuel injection (two injectors per cylinder). This combination provides sport boaters with turn-key starting, great overall running quality and incredibly smooth idle quality for a high horsepower big block.

Supercharger boost is variable. A boost bypass control valve, electronically activated by the PCM microprocessor, continuously adjusts the amount of boost needed to provide consistent horsepower. Under optimum ambient conditions, the boost bypass control valve will open to adjust for the lowest boost required to obtain the maximum rated horsepower.

Polished pulleys, clear anodized hose fittings, new graphics and our universal engine mount system packaged with the durable BAM Cyborg transmission and legendary dry-sump Six drive put the finishing touch on what is the ultimate in high performance sterndrive marine propulsion versatility.

 Mercury Racing 1200 SCi Performance Inboard Marine Engine for Sterndrive

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