Mercury Racing 1025 SCi Marine Engine

Mercury Racing is pleased to announce the release of the all-new 1025 SCi sterndrive engine package. The engine, based off the big block 1075 SCi, features an all-new fuel calibration which enables it to run on 89 posted pump octane (R + M)/2, or (95 RON) International fuel rating, versus the more powerful 1075 SCi that requires 91 posted pump octane (R + M)/2, or (98 RON) rated fuel. Mercury Racing Engineering made the fuel requirement change in response to the limited availability of fuels with the higher octane ratings at marinas and on-water facilities around the world.

The 1025 SCi provides an option for performance boaters who desire big block power, but don't want to be restricted in regards to where they can use their boat because of limited on-water availability of fuels with the higher octane ratings. The venerable 1075 SCi remains in the line as an option for those discerning performance boaters who are not willing to give up power for convenience.

 Mercury Racing 1025 SCi Performance Inboard Marine Engine for Sterndrive

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