Mercury Racing OptiMax 225 Sport XS Outboard Engine

In a League of its own

The combination of a race-proven Sport Master gearcase and solid engine mounts for unsurpassed handling at high speeds places the OptiMax 225 Sport XS in a league of its own. Based on the popular OptiMax 225 Pro XS, the 225 Sport XS is capable of powering a single engine, lightweight hull to speeds in excess of 85 mph.

Equipped with Mercury's exclusive PCM microprocessor, the 225 Sport XS has the ability to match - and surpass - the fuel efficiency of many of today's large four-stroke engines. When compared to traditional two-strokes, the 225 Sport XS uses up to 45 percent less fuel for the same running period.

The 225 Sport XS comes with Mercury Racing's standard two-year warranty and available one-year product protection plan.

 Mercury Racing OptiMax 225 Sport XS Outboard Marine Engine

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