Mercury Mercruiser Engines

Marine Tow Sports Inboard Scorpion 350 - 330 hp

The Scorpion 350 engines are here with a vengeance. Sporting a Tunnel Ram intake manifold and a 90-mm throttle body, no other tow sports engine can deliver the sting of a Scorpion. Scorpions are not all brawn – equipped with the ECM 555 Controlled Area Network they make the entire vessel an intelligent system. The SmartCraft® system serves as an I/O hub for digital engine and environmental information and enable features like Engine Guardian to protect your valuable investment.

   Mercury Mercruiser Marine Engines Tow Sports Inboard Scorpion 350 - 330 hp


  • ECM 555 fuel and ignition system, along with platinum-tipped spark plugs, ensures reliable starts and outstanding performance, year after year
  • Dry-joint exhaust eliminates the chance for water to enter engine through leaky gaskets
  • Water-separating fuel filter helps protect fuel system and engine against damage
  • Extra high alternator output at idle to keep batteries going with large amps and water pumps
  • Proven General Motors® cast-iron block V-8 power for years of reliable operation
  • EDP-coated exhaust elbows resist temperature and corrosion for long life
  • Brass seawater pump housing improves life and better resists damage from running dry
  • No fuel return lines for added safety
  • An all-iron exhaust system will not corrode, leak or melt like aluminum exhaust can


  • Nothing beats the power delivery of a Tunnel Ram
  • 90-mm throttle body for instant throttle response
  • HVS ignition with knock control maximizes power and protects against low-quality fuels
  • Low-restriction anodized flame arrestor for added horsepower and torque
  • A variety of available high-quality hydraulic transmissions allow boat manufacturers to precisely match hull characteristics and boat weight to optimize performance
  • Custom hot spark calibration for maximum pulling torque


  • Three-year/300-hour maintenance interval on many periodic service items saves time and money
  • Color-coded service points make checking fluid levels simple and straightforward
  • Operates on easy-to-find, less-expensive 87-octane fuel
  • No tools required to drain water from engine with blue drain plugs
  • Special ball joint throttle and shift linkage for easy maintenance and custom adjustments made simple
  • Optional remote oil filter and oil drain hose, makes V-drive oil changes easier than a car
  • Optional air-actuated water drain, drains lake water from the block in seconds


  • Multiport fuel injection provides easy starts, cold or hot, and automatically adjusts for changes in temperature, weather or altitude for terrific performance in any environment
  • Helm-mounted Audio Warning System works with Engine Guardian to monitor and protect against engine or transmission damage if monitored temperatures or pressures vary from normal range
  • Large 65-amp alternator provides plenty of power for popular onboard electronics, even at low rpm
  • MPI engines are designed to display engine information on your choice of analog or SmartCraft® digitally driven gauges and displays

Power 330 hp (243 kW)
Full Throttle Range 4800 - 5200 RPM
Displacement 350 CID (5.7L)
Engine Type V8
SmartCraft® Yes
Engine Control System ECM 555 with SmartCraft CAN Capability
Fuel Injection System Multi-Point Electronic Fuel Injection
Water Drain System Optional
Velvet Drive 71C 1.0:1
ZF 45 C 1.0:1
Velvet Drive 72C 1.5:1
Walter V-Drive w/71C 1.46:1
Walter V-Drive w/45C 1.46:1
Weight w/ Velvet Drive (lbs./kg) 821/373

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